Real stories create real impact: A case study

March 10, 2021

15,000 women experience homelessness each year in NSW alone. But many wouldn’t know this, because women’s homelessness is invisible.

On International Women’s Day 2021, Blur Projects and Women’s Electoral Lobby Australia launched UNSEEN – a collaborative arts project situated in Sydney’s CBD sharing the hidden experiences of some of those thousands of women who live without a home.

Primary provided pro bono media relations support to represent the truth of women’s diverse experiences, increase public understanding of the issue and drive change. This included the development of key messages, media release, talent coaching, briefings, pitching of exclusive content and interview arrangement.

The result? A feature placement on, which was the second most read article of the day with a potential reach of more than 8 million people. Real stories make real impact.

To find out more about UNSEEN or get involved, visit: