Corporate affairs

February 21, 2019

Corporate reputation is woven from complex webs of media coverage, client interactions, government policy responses and industry sector positioning.

Primary supports the C-Suite to drive positive change and protect organisations from sometimes tempestuous forces. Multiple communication channels are imperative to build a clear and effective narrative across internal and external programs.

Research, monitoring and measurement and evaluation services

January 21, 2019

Primary believes that an intertwined method of research, monitoring, measurement and evaluation throughout a campaign are vital to its success.

Consistent research and using evidence-based proof points guide dialogue and influence the strategic and tactical approach of a campaign. Continued monitoring and evaluation throughout a project are imperative to ensure that objectives are met with tactics adapting as needed.

Once complete, the campaign is measured and re-evaluated against initial expectations and desired outcomes and results are recorded in a report.

Issues management and recovery

Primary guides and helps clients manage issues by minimising reputational risk and maximising trust.

When dealing with controversial issues it is important that professionals are managing the situation as it unfolds. Primary develops a clear strategy and clear messages to maintain trust and credibility.

Crisis and disaster management

As crisis specialists, Primary works alongside clients to maintain their reputation and provide direction as the crisis unfolds.

When crisis strikes, communication is critical. It is important to be transparent and communicate what is happening with key stakeholders. Communication is of the utmost importance to getting back on track.

Stakeholder engagement and coalition building

Primary maps stakeholders and develops relationships based on trust and mutual interests to magnify issues and get the attention they deserve.

Proper engagement strategies can reduce risk and facilitate optimal outcomes. Maintaining open and professional lines of communication with stakeholders is critical to ensure success.