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October 25, 2019

Primary Engage

Position Power – key messaging workshop

January 21, 2019

Primary ensures clients remain on message, whether the issue be positive or negative, in front of camera, on the phone or via written text.

Tools are used to identify what works and what does not, including bridging techniques, reiteration, the Triple A method, how to spot red-herrings and, most importantly, how to stay on message.

Public inquiries

Primary’s team of political and strategic communicators guide and support clients through public inquiries and the communication elements of judicial matters, from preparation through to post-appearance and recovery.

Primary has worked closely with clients appearing before State and Territory, and Federal government inquiries and parliamentary appearances, and supported clients and their legal teams appearing in judicial matters before the Coronial, District and Supreme Courts, and Royal Commissions.

Primary’s team scope and research relevant issues and committee members, develop House notes, and run mock inquiry training sessions and provide high-level strategic advice through an inquiry as key planks of the Primary approach. Primary also works closely with legal teams to manage public communication and engagement with internal and external audiences. This expertise complements our crisis and disaster management services for clients.

Primary Mentor – media training

Primary’s media training is a full suite program (including scenario training) delivered by a team with extensive media experience across all platforms.

Training begins with an interactive phase combined with a recommended framework for ongoing development to maximise the client’s profile as an expert in its field. An evidence-based approach is adopted to build positive and balanced media coverage, resulting in increased stakeholder awareness and support.