International cave rescuers dive into the deep end with Scouts Australia

April 11, 2019

International Cave Rescuers and 2019 Australians of the Year, Dr. Craig Challen SC OAM (Craig) and Dr. Richard Harris SC OAM (Harry), took time out to go diving with Youth Members of Scouts Australia off the Western Australian coast on Saturday 30th March.

As part of their roles as Australians of the Year, Dr Challen and Dr Harris wish to promote outdoor adventure and resilience in young Australians. With children and teens glued to their screens, it is important to take a break and appreciate the outdoors.

“The risk [of outdoor activity] are actually very very small but the opportunities to develop as a person are massive,” said Dr Harris.

“And so many times, the only thing you’ve got to fear is fear itself,” added Dr Challen.

The connection between Craig and Harry’s message and Scouting was a natural fit.

As National Youth Scouts spokesperson and Venturer Scout Kalita Tomlinson reported “I could tell that Dr Challen and Dr Harris understood what Scouts do and the importance we play in developing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.”

“They had many important messages for young people who might be afraid to try things in case they fail, or feel bad because they have failed in the past”.

“After hearing them explain how we can develop their resilience, I hope young people everywhere will try something new that pushes their boundaries”.

This was the first time Craig and Harry dived together since rescuing the Wild Boars Thai soccer team in July last year.

Primary Communication is proud to have worked closely with Scouts Australia on this incredible opportunity and adventure. The campaign included a special mini-documentary produced by Primary and released worldwide, an exclusive story opportunity with ABC 7.30, and media interviews to promote Scouts commitment to adventure, resilience, inclusion and outdoor activities for all young people.

Check out the incredible adventure video below!