Cybersecurity: Awareness is critical in defence

August 19, 2020

Perhaps one the fastest growing internet economies in the world, Australia’s digital contribution soared to AUD $122B billion in 2019(1). With the advancement of 5G technologies, the digital space is developing rapidly and it’s changing the way Australians live, work and do business.

These advancements provide us with opportunities yet challenge industries and communities alike.

The upshot, more will be required for Australians to reap the full benefits of digital innovation in a sustained and safe way.

Recently, the Australia Government its 2020 cybersecurity strategy revealing a staggering $1.67 billion investment aimed at enhancing Australia’s cyber security over the next decade.

While some were already-known initiatives within the strategy, the highlights are:

  • Focus on collaboration techniques to build Australia’s cyber skills pipeline
  • New ways to investigate and shut down cyber-crime, including on the dark web
  • Stronger defences for Government networks and data
  • Increased situational awareness and improved sharing of threat information
  • Advice for small and medium enterprises to increase their cyber resilience
  • 24/7 cyber security advice hotline for SMEs and families

Importantly, a security framework is being introduced to bolster the nation’s resilience and quicken its response time in an emergency. The framework includes security obligations for critical infrastructure providers and government assistance to industry in response to immediate and serious cyber-attacks on Australia’s most critical systems. These crucial strategies will be delivered through amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act.

The focus on critical infrastructure will ensure assets are properly defended during a cyber-attack. To that end, the Government has committed to assisting operators to ‘enhance their cyber security posture.’

It is currently proposed that $62.3 million will be invested in situational awareness capabilities funded through the Cyber Enhanced Situational Awareness and Response (CESAR) package, to respond to threats against critical infrastructure.

What that means is infrastructure operators will be able to share intelligence about malicious activity through the government’s cyber threat-sharing platform, which has been in the works for several years.

While our Governments are ramping-up efforts on cyber policies and businesses are attempting to keep up with global regulatory changes, the security threats that surround us are now less visible, have become underestimated and overlooked.

Investing in reputation capabilities for security will support, grow, and improve Australia’s cybersecurity posturing at scale.

Cybersecurity Public Relations

Cybersecurity firms in Australia tap public relations as part of their go-to-market strategy because it better informs prospects on their brands attributes, but it also guides them through the tough times. 

The rising prevalence of high-profile cyber-attacks in the past few years also places a premium on crisis management and communication to deal with the inevitable fall out.

Cybersecurity PR in Australia typically sit across government and policy, media relations and thought leadership.

Primary Communication is pleased to represent the Code Red network across Australia and New Zealand providing strategic publicity and advocacy campaigns across retainers and projects. Every day our team articulate technology requirements and standards providing texture and authenticity to stories which enhance reputation in thoughtful ways.

This week, Primary Communication Senior Account Director, Elaine Banoub co-hosted a webinar with prominent Asia Pacific PR and cybersecurity experts including leading technology journalists Victor Ng and Stuart Corner, to discuss key success factors for effective communication across the whole Asia Pacific cyber security market.

Click here to see the recording of the webinar held August 12, 2020.



#GettingThroughThisTogether: supporting mental health & wellbeing

August 18, 2020

Primary Communication is proud to work with the National Mental Health Commission in its launch of #GettingThroughThisTogether – a national conversation to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians as the uncertainty around COVID-19 continues.

#GettingThroughThisTogether builds on the success of #InThisTogether launched in response to the pandemic in March, and acknowledges the continuing challenges for many Australians, as we navigate the compounding impacts of the pandemic.  

The program was developed in collaboration with more than 20 mental health and social service organisations and provides practical advice and ten tips to help Australians to get through these extraordinary times.

  • There is no place for domestic or family violence – help is here 
  • Caring for yourself helps you care for others 
  • Financial stress is real stress – seek free support today 
  • It’s better not to bottle up your feelings – Take steps to change your drinking habits 
  • Make a routine that works for you 
  • Your support can make a difference – connect with people each day 
  • Choose me time over screen time 
  • Play your part – feel good by doing good 
  • Help is available if you reach out 
  • Make a break a regular thing 

 To learn more about #GettingThroughThisTogether –>

Webinar: Why is cybersecurity PR different?

August 10, 2020

As part of the global Code Red Security PR Network, Primary Communication will be co-presenting a webinar on Wednesday 12 August at 1pm AEST, exploring the nuances of cyber security public relations in the Asia Pacific region.

Primary’s Senior Account Director, Elaine Banoub, will be expanding on successful cybersecurity PR strategies for the Australia/New Zealand region in particular, and how this differs to the rest of Asia Pacific.

In light of the Australian Government’s 2020 cybersecurity strategy, and $1.67 billion commitment to bolstering the nation’s cyber resilience, there has never been a greater opportunity for cybersecurity organisations to have their voices heard.

Join this webinar to learn from prominent Asia Pacific PR and cybersecurity experts including leading technology journalists Victor Ng and Stuart Corner, who will discuss key success factors for effective communication across the whole Asia Pacific cyber security market.

Participants will also hear a testimonial from leading global IT/OT cybersecurity company Claroty, on their PR successes in the APAC market achieved through the global Code Red PR network.

Click here to register for the webinar.