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Suicide in Australia is currently at its highest rate in 13 years1, affecting people of every walk of life. It’s a deeply concerning trend in modern Australia.

But the good news is that suicide is preventable – everyone can play their part to de-stigmatise suicide and the feelings that can lead someone to consider suicide. R U OK? day encourages us to pause and have a conversation, whether it’s with someone you see every day or a mate you haven’t caught up with in a while.

Just coming alongside a mate and having a chat is a great opportunity to open up a conversation – the simple question “Are you okay?” can be enough to save someone’s life.

For more information, check out the official R U OK website. You’ll find information about how you can kick off a conversation, how to respond if someone says “NO I’M NOT OK”, and what to do if someone you know needs help.

Primary is proud to be a supporter of R U OK? day. For the past nine years, Primary has been  a strong advocate for mental health awareness, supporting many of Australia’s mental health organisations to raise awareness, de-stigmatise suicide and to advocate for mental health funding and policy reform.