Media, publicity and digital content

Primary’s senior executive pride themselves on having delivered thousands upon thousands of pages of newsprint and hours of radio and television news. Several of our senior staff were senior journalists before joining Primary. They bring newsroom credibility and the ability to instantly recognise key news angles and issues.

Over the years we have developed a huge database of media contacts, including on-line publications, magazines, radio, TV, trade and technical publications, national and metropolitan newspapers, regional and suburban newspapers, consumer and vertical media. This database is based on strong relationships and a daily knowledge of the media environment.

Approaching journalists and crafting a newsworthy angle tailored for their publication is just part of a high-quality media program we offer. Building relationships, perceptions and natural ‘point-of-call’ positioning ensures our clients have the opportunity to participate in key news items and background or information pieces.

Fit for purpose digital content is often at the heart of successful media engagement. Primary can produce and coordinate the development of content to launch, enhance or kick-start media engagement.

Our commitment to providing quality, objective press information without the marketing hype ensures that we get results in the right places. Primary can deliver:

  • Strategic messaging architecture through PositionPower mapped to proof-points and deliverables
  • News releases, features, case studies, white and issues papers, education and information pieces
  • Digital media content
  • Executive interviews, briefings, launches, press conferences and speaking engagements
  • Leadership statements and opinion pieces
  • Media training and continuous coaching, and
  • Events and launches.