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Electricity Safety Week gets off to a cracking start

Electricity Safety Week is here again – a hands-on program geared at primary school-aged children to help them take responsibility for being safe around electricity at home and outdoors.

The program, originally developed by Ausgrid more than 13 years ago, helps students learn about a wide variety of electrical equipment, all the way from industrial substations, through to everyday household appliances. The program also provides free resource and prize packs for participating schools.

Mel was in attendance at Queensland’s Salisbury State School on Friday September 2, helping oversee a special event with students.

“It’s been fantastic watching Electricity Safety Week grow over the years,” says Mel. “Seeing the kids get so excited about such an important part of everyday safety is a really rewarding.”

Speakers included Queensland Minister for Energy Mark Bailey, Energex CEO Peter Weaver and Energex Safety Advisor Kerry Fuller. Three Safety Heroes mascots were in attendance too, spruiking their messages of responsible behaviour around electricity sources.

But though there was plenty of talent on display, the best-received guest of the day was Energex’s cherry picker. Ordinarily used for power line repairs, the hundred or so kids in attendance were wowed by just how high it could extend – check out the pic below!


2016 marks the first time the Electricity Safety Week program has been available to all Queensland schools. With close to 3,500 schools registered across New South Wales and Queensland, it’s also Electricity Safety Week’s biggest ever year.

This year, Electricity Safety Week runs from September 5-9. For more information, click here.