Energy, infrastructure, technology, employer and employee industry groups

Boardroom communication strategies, complex stakeholder campaigns and influential policy engagement projects are just some of the activities designed and delivered by the Primary team every day.

Technology and telecommunication clients have been part of our DNA for 23 years. Energy and infrastructure clients have partnered and have been part of Primary’s deep understanding of global energy requirements for more than 15 years. Primary helps our clients to understand their stakeholders and then adopt a position which is clearly understood. We build internal capacity within each client’s leadership team to navigate complex stakeholder relations.

As advisors to boards and the C-Suite, the Primary team tackles issues that other people gloss over. We look at the behavior of the organisation and its people. We review how that reflects on the relationships and reputation of the client. We provide coaching and content to help senior executives build better relations and perceptions.

Our methodology is simple: act always as diplomatic ambassadors for clients. Gather deep knowledge and use it to problem solve. Build trust and support – effective negotiations.

We need to believe in our clients. Their incredible values. Their amazing programs. We’ll believe in you and work in your best interests across a diverse world.

Communication is more than editorial publicity, it is more than social media, and it extends beyond the audience listening to you right now. Communication is how we behave. A small part is what we say, but a bigger part is what we do. The Primary team will look at the total response, working with lawyers, operations, marketing and HR specialists supporting your firm.

We are a complex, connected world.  Primary provides a comprehensive and connecting strategy. We also take responsibility for action.