Communication strategy

Primary develops practical and functional plans that support your priorities. These can be short-term marketing programs or long-term corporate responsibility and behavioural change strategies.

We have developed the PositionPower tool to align communication approaches to the organisational strategy. During a PositionPower workshop executives explore the way to craft and deliver messages for maximum impact with key stakeholders.  This also ensures that the leadership team understands the rational for the agreed messaging strategy and is committed to reaching out to audiences.

Our processes centre around the belief that a strategy should be developed in cooperation with the client. We will always seek to workshop with senior executives, to help ‘frame and develop’ the strategy.

PositionPower begins with:

  • Research and position analysis
  • Scenario development in vertical targets
  • Strategy design and workshops
  • Development of a cohesive message framework supported by realistic and measurable strategies
  • Action mapping and monitoring